Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paper is the Music of my Heart

This is quite simply amazing! i cannot seem to stop looking at it. I just stumpled upon The Makerie tonight(Thank you Pinterest) and am quite inspired by what i have seen! This masterpiece was commissioned for an event that has been established for emerging photographers,film-makers, artists and musicians to showcase their talents! Quite clearly the stand out talent is The Makerie

Images from Behance network who are the proffessional platform for The Makerie

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Origami kusudama flowers

SO for the last couple of weeks i have been sitting making paper flowers for my shop window display! its has been so easy and fun to make and i thought you may like to have a go! I found the instructions at the Folding Trees website and they were so simple to do! the only thing i would suggest is using a hot glue gun, even on the little flowers! i did a few with double sided tape and they were OK but some just couldn't handle it and the hot glue gun was the saviour!
Try it with different sizes as long as its a perfect square you cant go wrong

My shop window display at Little Paper Lane

Photo from Folding Trees website