Monday, January 30, 2012

Australiana Zine

Yay more paper reading for us to all enjoy! The very Talented Gals from Paper Runway have put together this very enjoyable little read! We seem to be a nation of very talented little paper people and paper is gaining popularity at a rapid pace! So i am pretty sure that to keep up with all this wonder paper goodness u really need to read Australiana which celebrate Australian designers and of coarse u must never miss an issue of Paper Runway cos its kind of like a bible of paper love...I'm a Fundie Paperista...are you ;)
You can purchase Australiana and Paper Runway at Little Paper Lane and dont worry if you dont live near us, we are happy to post and we are in the process of building our online store for easy peasy paper goodies shopping

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My week of Instagram

A few fun things have been happening this week and as usual I've been instagramming my way through life!
This is the very new zine from the gals behind Paper Runway and i will be doing a little post about it very soon, so keep an eye out!!
This is my current obsession!! Buying cute clothes for my bump who happens to be a girl....and if the ultrasound lady was wrong...then i will have a cross dressing baby boy, cos these outfits are too cute to sit in drawers!
These are our giant pencils for our back to school window which i didnt get a picture of yet of it but will get it tomorrow for you all to have a little looksie!!
Justa few new products we have in store right now at Little Paper Lane in time for going back to school....i wish i was going to school...i love getting all my supplies ready....i have started so many flipping courses and i kinda think i dont finish them cos i just like starting them...because of all the stationery you get to buy hehe
More little goodies in the shop!
And i thought i would show u some very cute cards my talented husband designed that we have for sale in the shop! They are so rad!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Paper love

With Valentines Day just around the corner, maybe instead of just sending your loved ones a card u could make a little something for them!?!?! or just pretty up your own world! Remember...'loved one' doesn't just mean your partner....what about your niece or your grandma or your neighbour? Love is for everyone!
These cute little hearts are a great idea to hang over your window, door way or even a chair or mirror! Check out Studio Slyter on how to make this cute little trinket....if u dont sew, just find some sticky tape and go nuts!
Washi tape is always an easy and awesome way to make your gift wrapping look amazing! The red and natural colour theme is perfect for wrapping your gifts this Valentines day! check out Chykalophia for more ideas on how to use washi tape and pop in to Little Paper Lane for all your washi tape purchases :)
Instead of fresh flowers this year, u could make some paper flowers instead! they will last a lot longer than freshies. Martha Stewart is the place to be for DIY
Make your very own pop up card.... Thanks again Martha
Shower someones world in heart post it notes! Very cute and cheap way to add love to a room. photo from Pinterest

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things are happening

This week we looked at a few spaces/offices above the shop as we are running low on space and as the business and my belly expands, we need more room to move and create! With the estore in the process of being built and our increased invite designs the time is right to get some more room! The fun thing about getting a new space is how we will make this space look spesh ;) Having a little trawl through Pinterest as i do most evenings before bed, i have found some inspiration for our new studio and thought i might share what i found
The Design Sponge is always a must go to for inspiration of any kind!
Must have a globe/s photo's from Pinterest
Damn i wish there was floor boards upstairs...might rip the carpet up and paint ;)
Somehow my shelves never loo this neat. Photo from Pinterest Garland and washi tape will always be included. Photo from Pinterest
Love it. Photo from Pinterest

Monday, January 9, 2012

My week in Instagram world

So most of you now know what instagram is and are probably as addicted to it as i am! So i thought i would show u a little of what went on the last week in my instagram world!
Sitting by our blow up pool which has been a life saver on the hot days and its nice to be able to float with no weight on my pelvis. Vitamin D was very helpful after all that horrible rain
Iggy on his new slip and slide that he managed to pop at the end of the day from way too much fun!
Paper lanterns i made for New Year window!
New Year window
I made these curtains soooo long ago. I found vintage hanky's from ebay(dont worry they are not used ewww) and when my husband bought me a sewing machine a few Christmas's ago i made these as my first project....LUCKILY they look better a bit roughed and crooked cos there is no way i can sew very neat and tidy. now i want to make more for the baby room cos they let such a nice light into the bathroom where they now live
I was very excited yesterday to be having a little sit and read of my magazines(bibles) and while i was flicking through Home Beautiful Magazine I was very excited to see our wonderful shop helper Kat was featured inside! She has such amazing taste and is a wonderful stylist and talented Illustrator and we are very lucky to have her part of the LPL family! So if u are also an Instagram nut like me come follow me if u want? My instagram name is 'littlepaperlane' see u there

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year means so many possibilites

Happy New year to you all :) I hope your Christmas and New years was full of fun, smiles and i hope u were all safe! We had such a great year in 2011 at Little Paper Lane and we are looking forward to a great year in 2012. A few things to keep an eye out for is our new estore...its still a little bit more to get done, but we are in motion and it wont be long before everyone everywhere can have a little bit of LPL anytime at all! Custom Invitations are a huge part of our business and this too is expanding! Make sure u get in contact if u need any invites, logo's, business cards or any graphic design work. Remember we also have a caligrapher on staff and our lovely shop helper Kat also has her own design business and is an amazing illustrator. Check out her work here Studio Kandy. Stationery from Studio Kandy is also available at Little Paper Lane. Some personal goals i have is to have this baby. Some of you may be regular customers at LPL and know that i have not been in the shop pretty much since i got pregnant. A few of you now know why i havent been able to work in the shop but for those that are curious....Basically i suck at being pregnant!! Its true! I was so sick from about 6 weeks that i pretty much lived in my bed and on my couch sipping ginger tea and wearing seasickness bands that honestly i dont think do anything...but i NEVER took them off. Around 9 weeks i started to get a very familiar and not so fun pain in my pelvis! I had the same pain with my last pregnancy and was induced at 39 weeks due to the pain i was in. Last time it wasn't until i was about 32weeks that we actually found out what this pain was. Its called SPD(Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and it can happen to a lot of pregnant woman, but usually its the last few weeks of pregnancy and usually its more uncomfortable than anything. I am of coarse one of these woman that has the more severe cases. This pregnancy has been very painful. Its a lot worse than last time and started a lot earlier. Basically what happens is The two halves of your pelvis are connected at the front by a stiff joint called the symphysis pubis. This joint is strengthened by a dense network of tough, flexible tissues, called ligaments. To help your baby pass through your pelvis as easily as possible, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which softens the ligaments. As a result, these joints move more during and just after pregnancy, causing inflammation and pain, known as symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD. I also have a twisted pelvis and Scoliosis as well as having a knee reconstruction when i was 15 i am a little bit bone wonky and after a good chat with my new and awesome Osteopath she has told me the severity of my SPD is because of how twisted my pelvis is. She did high five me for being able to give birth the old fashioned way last time cos of how twisted the pelvis is and the added pain of the SPD...this time may be a different story though. Will worry about the end result a little closer to the end long as bubby gets here safe and sound i am more than happy no matter which way i have to give birth! So if u have been wondering why i am never at LPL its cos this little button in my belly wants me to sit on the couch and not move too much...Even though she is very happy to move and kick and wiggle all day and more than anything at night! I am very lucky to have the support that i do. My Husband is amazing and i am very very lucky that he knows how to wash, clean and pick up chicken burgers for me and my Mum is the best ever! They both work really hard to keep LPL running the way that i like it to and they have done an amazing job with the shop. And my little Iggy is even a HUGE help... he holds my hand when i need to walk down the hallway to the toilet and he even puts the washing in the basket from the washing machine and takes it to the line! He is going to be the best big brother and he makes me smile every second of the day! So hopefully another new years resolution i can keep is to blog more! i really enjoy it, but i end up getting so busy with the shop that i dont end up having time! But now i am at home a lot more i plan to be on puta a lot more...As well as use my new camera
I love cameras and this is my newest addition and it takes the very cutest photo' polaroids.
I also want to make at least 1 project from my new cross stich book that we sell in store...Twisted Stiches by Phil Davison i think the front cover design is what i will end up doing? i think it would look awesome as a cushion! I am very excited at the possibilities of what this year will bring! As always, I'm trying to be as positive as i can and hope the universe brings positive adventures for us and for all of you! Happy New Year.....oh and i almost forgot.....LOTS of new Papery goodness is headed to the shop as we speak! Keep and eye on Our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with everything! Take care