Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things are happening

This week we looked at a few spaces/offices above the shop as we are running low on space and as the business and my belly expands, we need more room to move and create! With the estore in the process of being built and our increased invite designs the time is right to get some more room! The fun thing about getting a new space is how we will make this space look spesh ;) Having a little trawl through Pinterest as i do most evenings before bed, i have found some inspiration for our new studio and thought i might share what i found
The Design Sponge is always a must go to for inspiration of any kind!
Must have a globe/s photo's from Pinterest
Damn i wish there was floor boards upstairs...might rip the carpet up and paint ;)
Somehow my shelves never loo this neat. Photo from Pinterest Garland and washi tape will always be included. Photo from Pinterest
Love it. Photo from Pinterest


  1. hey thats great news!! im also in the process of organising my crafty room and moving to allow my kid a room of his own!! much stuff everywhere!

  2. Hi Jayde, wonderful post. I love everyshot and am also in the processing of decorating my home for the first time too.

    Like the studio ideas. Thanks for sharing. xx pip

  3. love your inspirational work place pics! i'm in serious nesting mode with a 32 week tummy, but dealing with the issue of lego storage instead!

  4. can you pretty please do some classes for the uncreative person that I am....???? no excuses now you will have the space!

  5. Haha! We would like to do some classes! Maybe once i get this human out into the world and i can walk again and the web store is running smoothly we will organise some! Dont worry its in our brains, we just need to somehow clone ourselves with all the busy going on :)