Monday, January 30, 2012

Australiana Zine

Yay more paper reading for us to all enjoy! The very Talented Gals from Paper Runway have put together this very enjoyable little read! We seem to be a nation of very talented little paper people and paper is gaining popularity at a rapid pace! So i am pretty sure that to keep up with all this wonder paper goodness u really need to read Australiana which celebrate Australian designers and of coarse u must never miss an issue of Paper Runway cos its kind of like a bible of paper love...I'm a Fundie Paperista...are you ;)
You can purchase Australiana and Paper Runway at Little Paper Lane and dont worry if you dont live near us, we are happy to post and we are in the process of building our online store for easy peasy paper goodies shopping


  1. every page looks incredible! completely recyclable and colourful. I'll have to get a copy soon :)

  2. Hello, you have just made my day by mentioning an upcoming online store for Little Paper Lane. I have been poring over the goodies on the website from far North West QLD for AGES and I'm absolutly delighted to think that I can soon have some of my very own!
    Being far from family means I'm always writting letters and sending cards (the ones I can bear to part with that is!).
    Yay for Little Paper Lane online!

    1. OH YAY!!! its people like you L that we really want to do it for! I know what its like when you fall in love with a shop and u are no where near it and u just need some of its goodness :) and we live in a world where we are lucky enough to buy online so we thought we better be apart of that! Its a slow process though, but we are in the guts of it right now so hopefully not too much longer!! Also if u ever see anything on our facebook page that you like we are always happy to post out!!