Monday, February 6, 2012

February Photo a day Challenge

Are u apart of the February Photo a day? The lovely hero..from FatMumSlim!! a blog that, if u havent ever looked at before u need to be looking at daily, has created the photo day challenges! Basically it started in January, and each day she has given us all a word of the day and u take a photo to compliment that word! I was a little slow off the mark and missed January, but follow a lot of people on Instagram who were doing it(including Fatmumslim) and i couldnt miss February! I told my Mum, Aunty and Cousin about it on Saturday and they were so excited and started it, and i thought, even though we are a few days into Feb, u may also love to join!! If u need some more info on the photo challenge pop over to FatMumSlims blog for more details This is February Photo Challenge
Here are some of my photo's! This was day 2~ Words
This is my Mums first one and i thought it was very clever! it was from Day 5~ 10am These are her cookies she makes and sell, so YUM check out Sweet n Pretty
This was Day 4~ a stranger...My bump, cos we havent officially met ;)
And this was Day 3~ Hands
So you see its very simple and i would love to see your photo's on instagram if you use it! My instagram is littlepaperlane!!

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