Friday, February 24, 2012

Life Instyle 2012

We set off yesterday to Life Instyle which is our favourite trade fair for products. It only happens twice a year, once in Sydney in February and again in August in Melbourne, so we get our butts to it every year cos its pretty much like Xmas shopping for the shop! This year was going to be a little bit trickier as I am now 30 weeks pregnant and my Pelvis has not had a good adventure so far...I have SPD which basically means my pelvis is WAY too loose and just grinds and parties and wiggles all day long which cause pain. SO, off we went with my new wheel chair and crutches. We found many new and lovely things which will be in store in the coming weeks and some companies have even sent confirmation emails today for products which is very organised which means new bits could get to the shop as quick as next week! We took a few little photo's of some of our new products on the way, but between trying to push wheelchairs and ordering and trying not to faint from pain we couldnt take as many as we wanted. But you'll still enjoy!! Concept Japan is new to Little Paper Lane. We are excited for the Piperoid paper robots to arrive! Iggy has already looked at them and told me i have to bring one home for him!
MIRIAM COX Paper cuts had such beautiful cards and her actual papercuts are amazing
PONY RIDER Had such a great stand and i really want to make the little Jars most importantly
TELEGRAM as per usual had lots of our favourite brands including brand new MT MASKING TAPE from Japan with so many new colours I actually had to have a cold drink from all the excitement
Very excited about the new Palomino Pencils. These pencils are made in Japan and are the best in the world....we tried them...they are amazing! And actually just look rad! Look out for the beautiful wooden box set of coloured pencils coming to the shop as well....although I may have to take a set home they are just divine!
YELLOW OWL WORKSHOP has always been a favourite and it was so exciting to see the new packaging and new stamps we will be getting soon!
TMOD yet again was probably one of the best stands with the most creative and fun displays and their new products are very spesh!! including new scratchie Invites how AWESOME!!!
And i think our favourite product on its way to the shop would have to be the Forever Flamingo's. I am quite in love with Flamingo's and these were such an exciting find! You get two in a box and I think everyone needs them! They are just way to rad
Steve and I had a little fun at TMOD
So we still have more Trade Fairs so go to over the weekend and we will be sure to try and take as many photo's as we can, but most importantly order as much new fun products as we can!!


  1. Hi Jayde!

    Thanks so much for the feature - the photo is beautiful! And it was gorgeous to meet you in person! x

    1. It was so lovely to meet you in person!!
      I hope the fair goes really well for you! i am sure it will with those lovely cards of yours!!

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