Sunday, February 12, 2012

Origami Heart Invitations

How happy would u seriously be to get this in the mail!!! I am so in love with unique invitations and what a perfect invite this is! The way cool Amy Moss from EatDrinkChic designed and made these amazing invites for her engagement back in 2010. I know I know 2010 was forever ago, but not every one of u might have seen these amazing invites and i thought with Valentines Day coming up it was fitting!
You can actually pop over to Amy's blog and not only drool over everything she blogs about and creates, but you can download these for yourself and make your own!! Check it out HERE for all the details!!


  1. Hi! Your blog inspires me a lot. It makes me want to have one of my own. It’s good to have a time to ourselves and with that I understand your sentiments. Enjoy your hiatus. Have fun and spend it with your loved ones. Will wait for your next post. God bless.