Monday, February 20, 2012

Confetti everywhere

Is anyone else just a little bit obsessed with confetti? I cant seem to get it out of my head right now! I have always loved confetti, its so happy and is a symbol for fun times....who doesnt love fun times?!?! Our wedding invites(7 years ago) were packed with confetti and glitter and it still makes me smile knowing some of that glitter wont come out of peoples carpet haha. Confetti is memorable!
Ohh how much would u love to get this invite! You can have a look how to make these for yourself atOh Happy Day blog.
How adorable are these little confetti bags made by Tokketok
Another wonderful confetti creation by Tokketok
Even Martha Stewart loves some confetti.
You can even buy Rainbow Confetti garland on ETSY which i may have to do very soon!
Ahhhh Confetti Nails how fun!


  1. love confetti
    covered one of my daughter's books with white paper, confetti and then contact....was a good idea until I though about the mess :-)

    1. OOoooo i want to do that!! how fun, but yes very messy!!

  2. Hi! Your blog inspires me a lot. It makes me want to have one of my own. It’s good to have a time to ourselves and with that I understand your sentiments. Enjoy your hiatus. Have fun and spend it with your loved ones. Will wait for your next post. God bless.