Thursday, February 9, 2012

A little happy surprise

I was very excited to receive my very first Glossy Box today. I had never even heard of it until last month when the lovely Emma from Nest Designs posted a pick on her Instagram. Basically u just sign up with Glossy Box and for $14.95 a month they send you a box full of beauty products! Being a Make up artist I was VERY excited about this and signed up straight away! So today I received my happy little hit of beauty and was pretty happy!
So what i found inside ~Proactiv deep cleansing wash ~Eau Thermale Avene Skin recovery cream ~langlois Natural Olice lip balm ~Miranesse 3D forever lipgloss ~Star and Rose Floral Wonderland Emergency Nail Files ~$15 voucher to ~and some valentines lollies hehe So overall, even though its justa little surprise every month and a few products i dont love, for under $15 a month i will be keeping my happy little surprise! just the box alone is awesome! i can never have to many pretty gift boxes!

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