Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pretty little birdy

I was having a little look through The Red Thread blog today for more wonderful idea's to make and came across these gorgeous bird mobiles! My brother and his partner just had a baby girl and I think it would be so beautiful above her cot. I was also thinking that if you used your Xmas colours, then you could make your Xmas a little bit more special. maybe even try to make an angel or star instead of the bird for a different twist. Its such a beautiful mobile and relatively easy to make. I cant wait to get started! you can find instructions here!!!!

My New Favourite

I was very excited to see that one of our very favourite suppliers Alarna from Little Jane St got hitched over the weekend. The few photo's we have seen are just blissful and looks like the day was just so gorgeous and full of Alarna's unique sense of style! I highly recommend you take a very big browse through my new favourite photographer Jonas Petterson website and look at the amazing photos's that seem to almost make you cry they are so lovely!!
Congratulations Alarna and Dave we wish you all the very happiness,smiles and sunshine in your future together :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

I have been getting the shop ready for Xmas, starting to make little paper decorations and I put my mum on a mission to make these beautiful snowflakes thinking it would be too complicated for my brain to handle! When I saw the first few my mum had made i was busting to try and make them! In about 3 minutes my very talented mum showed myself and Rocky(my wonderful shop assistant) how to make them! They really are simple and I went home that night and made two straight away!
I have been busily making more in our shop Xmas colours today and I thought it would be nice to share with you all how to make them so u can give your own homes a touch of papery goodness!!
Try and use paper from old magazines or newspapers that would normally go in the recycling bin(i hope). U can find the instructions Here at Cut Out and Keep I would suggest you use a hot glue gun though as it makes it so much quicker to dry and hold the paper!
Once our Xmas window is in full bloom I will show u the snowflakes we have made! Feel free to put your pictures of your own snowflakes up on my facebook page! I love seeing every ones creations!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beautiful Toilet rolls

I was completely blown away by these beautiful little pieces of art. They are made from toilet rolls and are so so cute!
The artist Anastassia Elias is one talented gal....and has fantastic eye's and hands to be able to work with making cut outs so small and perfect!
You can see more of her work Here!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xmas with a beautiful twist

My Little Jedi always has the very best blog posts and I so love reading everything Vesna(My Little Jedi creator) has on her beautiful blog. But today I was so excited to see XMAS!!! Ahhhh I love Xmas so much and if u know me, u know I am obsessed with my Xmas wrapping! So u can imagine how excited I was to see the beautiful pictures of the red and teal Xmas Vesna had put up on her blog!!!
My house is SOOOOO getting worked over with these colours this Xmas season! so exciting!!!
Thanks Vesna for sharing with us, and you can see more pictures on Vesna's blog My Little Jedi

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Paper Christmas

Yay another fun Xmas project! This cute little Wall Paper Xmas tree is so simple I think it would be a fun project to do with the kids! I think the little fan's by themselves hung everywhere at Xmas will add to all the Xmas fun!!
You can find the instructions on how to make this at Craft projects, as well as other fantastic idea's!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oldschool New

I have been sooo wanting to use my Polaroid lately and although i am not a tight ass at all, each time i take a photo with my camera it cost $3 per shot! Now that we are part of a new digital world, our photo taking seems to not be as careful as we did in the day. We can just delete pic's that are not the most attractive, but when it comes to that Polaroid, once u hit that shutter button, then its forever!!! Which I love, but when you take a dodgy pic and it cost you $3 then its not so awesome!!!
I was trawling through my millions of mags over the weekend trying to find inspiration and came across a feature in Real Living Magazine,(not too sure which issue sorry) but they had displayed a wall with Polaroids, or what i thought was Polaroids. It was actually a down loadable Polaroid that you simply drop your own digital pic onto and it turns it into a Polaroid for you!! I printed one up to text it and its amazing!!! I am in love and I thought you all might want to share in the joy!!!
You can download free here at Polaroid and make your own little bits of fun!!