Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper Snowflakes

I have been getting the shop ready for Xmas, starting to make little paper decorations and I put my mum on a mission to make these beautiful snowflakes thinking it would be too complicated for my brain to handle! When I saw the first few my mum had made i was busting to try and make them! In about 3 minutes my very talented mum showed myself and Rocky(my wonderful shop assistant) how to make them! They really are simple and I went home that night and made two straight away!
I have been busily making more in our shop Xmas colours today and I thought it would be nice to share with you all how to make them so u can give your own homes a touch of papery goodness!!
Try and use paper from old magazines or newspapers that would normally go in the recycling bin(i hope). U can find the instructions Here at Cut Out and Keep I would suggest you use a hot glue gun though as it makes it so much quicker to dry and hold the paper!
Once our Xmas window is in full bloom I will show u the snowflakes we have made! Feel free to put your pictures of your own snowflakes up on my facebook page! I love seeing every ones creations!

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