Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Xmas with a beautiful twist

My Little Jedi always has the very best blog posts and I so love reading everything Vesna(My Little Jedi creator) has on her beautiful blog. But today I was so excited to see XMAS!!! Ahhhh I love Xmas so much and if u know me, u know I am obsessed with my Xmas wrapping! So u can imagine how excited I was to see the beautiful pictures of the red and teal Xmas Vesna had put up on her blog!!!
My house is SOOOOO getting worked over with these colours this Xmas season! so exciting!!!
Thanks Vesna for sharing with us, and you can see more pictures on Vesna's blog My Little Jedi

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  1. Hi lovely, thanks so much for sharing MLJ xmas inspiration on your gorgeous blog. You are amazing, thanks for all of your support! You rock! xx