Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oldschool New

I have been sooo wanting to use my Polaroid lately and although i am not a tight ass at all, each time i take a photo with my camera it cost $3 per shot! Now that we are part of a new digital world, our photo taking seems to not be as careful as we did in the day. We can just delete pic's that are not the most attractive, but when it comes to that Polaroid, once u hit that shutter button, then its forever!!! Which I love, but when you take a dodgy pic and it cost you $3 then its not so awesome!!!
I was trawling through my millions of mags over the weekend trying to find inspiration and came across a feature in Real Living Magazine,(not too sure which issue sorry) but they had displayed a wall with Polaroids, or what i thought was Polaroids. It was actually a down loadable Polaroid that you simply drop your own digital pic onto and it turns it into a Polaroid for you!! I printed one up to text it and its amazing!!! I am in love and I thought you all might want to share in the joy!!!
You can download free here at Polaroid and make your own little bits of fun!!

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