Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes its ok to be sick

It seems like everyone is having babies right now! When i had Iggy i remember thinking so many strangers are having babies around me and i think we just tune into pregnancy more when we are pregnant! But seriously, everyone is having babies, so many people i know are up the duff, so we didnt want to miss out on all the fun!!!
This cute little button is the whole reason for me being so sick the last 6 weeks 3 days, yes im counting. I am starting to get energy a bit more now, but unfortunatly i seem to be one of these pregnant woman that will never ever be on the show "i didnt know i was preggo".
So if u have been wondering where i have been these last 6 weeks 3 days...i have been on my couch, trying hard to work from my computer, which just doesnt happen cos concentration makes u vomit...did u know that...so does water, air, opening your eyes in the morning and funnily enough the stupid corolla ad with that stupid song about going under bridges and over bridges and under bridges.....worst ad ever!
So i am trying to slowly emerge back into the world, i was in the shop for 2 hours or so all up today and it was lovely to be off the stupid although very comfy couch, and looking at all the lovely papery goodies! AND I GOT TO SEE ANOTHER LOVELY PREGNANT HUMAN. The very glowing and lovely Pia Jane Bijkerk just happened to pop in today and you can read about her lovely bump HERE.
So all is happy and vomitty!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Newspaper Taxi Snail Mail Comp

I am very sorry to be so absent. I am pretty sick and have been for the last month. I am getting better and will start to be around a little more often now as i think i am getting better!?!? I had a couple of good days last last week and though i was on the mend but started to feel yuk again the last couple of days! we will get there slowly and my mum and my husband have been looking after the shop so so well and i want to thank them so much for their help cos LPL would have dissapeared if they wern't around!!
So i just needed to quickly put this post up so you didnt miss out on this amazing competition from Newspaper Taxi.

Write a "we love mail" letter to Newspaper Taxi and include a little stationery related treat inside. Just a little something from your desk.

It could be a pretty card, some stickers, an envelope label, glassine bags, some vintage papers, a luggage tag, a handmade envelope, string, ribbons, some vintage stamps or a roll of tape. It doesn't have to be expensive, just a little something you can spare from your own stationery collection.

Please send your
"We LOVE Mail" letter to:
247 Australia Street
Newtown NSW
2042 Australia

so its as simple as that...dont miss out!!!
Be sure to include your return address so we can let you know if you are the lucky winner.

Competition closes on Friday the 4th of November 2011

Just pop over to Newspaper Taxi for all the info you need and also to check our their very cute blog