Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is whats going on

Please forgive my absence! I was enjoying blogging earlier in the year cos i have been on bedrest so lots of time to write about things, but sometimes pain just wipes your brain!
  I get lots of lovely emails and messages from everyone wondering whats going cos obviously i am not in the shop at all, and some people know most of whats happening but others only know little bits and pieces! So i thought i would explain whats happening!

 As most of you know I am at the end of my second pregnancy :) The Baby is doing really well and growing well and very very busy...much busier than Iggy(my first) which could be a sign of whats to come when she comes out(oh yeah she's a girl yippee), so really everything else doesn't matter too much cos she is so far..touch wood...healthy and growing, and i am sure very cute! But in my first pregnancy I experienced pain in my pelvis that didn't seem normal, and was not very fun! Most doctors just said "oh yeah that's pregnancy" others didn't even offer any suggestions, and i was in the dark a lot, and other pregnant woman and my mum and relatives who knew me well and knew of my physical problems(i have scoliosis, which causes me back pain every day) knew that my high pain thresh hold was being pushed and knew that what i was experiencing wasn't just 'normal pregnancy pain' I did research and found out it was something called SPD Symphysis Pubis dysfunction and lots of pregnant woman do get it to a certain degree and small percent get it quite severely! I would say that in my first pregnancy i was not quite at the severe pain, but it was certainly dancing on that line! My doctors agreed and induced me at 39 weeks, and after the birth agreed i could have been induced a little earlier as Iggy was 4.2 kg( 9 pound 6) Thanks doctors...but he was healthy and lovely and it was a bit of a recovery to get walking again with out pain, around 6 months, but all worth it of coarse!
   So this pregnancy i was VERY prepared for what was going to happen...well mentally at least! I was very sick in the beginning as i am someone that has that fun 24 hour sickness, but luckily it ended at 12 weeks 4 days :) and i have only really suffered food aversions and cant eat big meals...which my ass is happy about...i DO NOT NEED ANY EXTRA WEIGHT...i have enough to go around! So at about 9 weeks i was surprised to start feeling that familiar pressure in my pelvis. Basically what SPD is, is when a woman is pregnant her ligaments get a bit loose so that our Uterus can grow and makes room for baby, but with SPD it loosens your ligaments too much and your pelvis grinds rather than holding firmly together. I also have a twisted tilted pelvis from my scoliosis(crooked spine) and so the twisting of my pelvis combined with the SPD makes for a dance party in my crotch...and not the fun dance party you have making the me ;) So from about 17 weeks i couldn't walk without support as the pain is very unpleasant and i have used crutches, and the occasional wheelchair if i have to do trade fairs or any outings where walking is involved!
  I have been so so lucky to have amazing doctors this time! I started with a private doctor as i though i may need it with the pelvis but as i am not on private cover it was going to be way too expensive to give birth with a private Dr and i decided to chat with the public hospital. A decision i am so glad we made cos i saw my private doctor one day at the hospital and he didn't even remember who i was, so i think its worked out well so far. I have had to have extra appointments at the hospital with the doctors, but because i go so frequently I am lucky enough to now see the same few doctors who all chat to each other and all come and say hello every single time i visit...normally you wouldn't expect this lovely treatment from a public hospital, but even doctors and midwives i don't see know who i am and stop me while i am hobbling down the hallways with my crutches to see if i am coping OK and offer advice! Its been such a good experience considering the horrible pain! Oh and its Hornsby Hospital if anyone needs to go to a good public hospital! it is a bit of a drive from Avalon, but honestly, i am so happy it doesn't bother me to travel! I have been in bed the last couple of weeks pretty full time as my couch can get a bit painful, but my lovely husband has me all set up in there with all my essentials next to my bed. I find it very hard to concentrate on emails and work, so i just do small amounts at a time. This blog post has taken all day, but i wanted you all to know whats going on as many of you have popped into the shop and passed on your best wishes and I would like to thank you so much! Its so lovely when Steve comes home and tells me about how you are doing :) I miss chatting with everyone and hopefully it wont be too long before i am back in the shop!

 Another little issue i had this pregnancy was Gestational Diabetes. I was a little thrown when i first got the news cos unlike my first pregnancy this pregnancy I was eating really well. But my views on how diabetes happens were quickly changed when i chatted to my endocrinologist and dietitian. Its a hereditary thing, and i was in a panic that i had somehow had way too much sugar and given myself diabetes, when in fact it wasn't the case. I have been lucky enough to maintain it with a good diet, which has been a little hard cos when you are pregnant sometimes u just really want a cheesecake haha, but because i have eaten well, i haven't put a lot of weight on and baby is not a GIANT at last scan. I have just eaten low GI foods and have stashed all my Easter eggs for the day after i give birth. It goes away pretty much straight away, so that's good. And hopefully there is no future problems from it, but my doctors are happy as i have looked after it well :)

 So i sit here from my bed with under a week to go! I am being induced, not because the baby has any problems, but because my pelvis is just unstable now! I wish she could cook to the end but i am hoping i can avoid a c section as my recovery is not going to be fun just with the SPD so a c section on top of that would just make it harder. Obviously we wont know until we get in there what happens and i am lucky this time as i have met a couple of people through Twitter who have experienced the same thing at this level and it has been really good being able to talk to them about it, as i was very in the dark last pregnancy with it! So all is OK, I am just in lots of pain and uncomfortable, but I am lucky enough that one day the pain will go away and i get a cute baby to cuddle! So its all worth it. My Husband, Mum, Iggy and my Dad and brother have been helping me a lot and i am so thankful to them cos without them especial my husband, i couldn't get my undies on in the morning haha! Hopefully next post will be about bubby arriving! So fingers crossed it goes OK and i will get lots of photo's up as soon as she is here :)
36 and half weeks pregnant

My little man gets the washing out of the washing machine to help out, such a good little helper

Bed side essentials

Home Hair cuts...Thanks husbo :)

Does everything to make me laugh...I'm so lucky


  1. Thanks for sharing Jayde - wishing little bubba a safe and happy arrival, and for you - a much deserved, smooth recovery! Will be thinking of you :-)

  2. good luck Jayde. Not long now until you meet your little girl. So 3 generations of ladies will be in your gorgeous shop from now on. Will be thinking of you from far away

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