Thursday, February 10, 2011

A gift made by hand, is a gift from the Heart!

I know its been a little while since I said hello on here, its been a little bit of a bumpy start to the year! But we are on track and I thought that Valentines was the perfect time to say hello!!
So i know a lot of people consider Valentines day just a huge rip off that Hallmark created to boost sales and blah blah, Saint Valentines day was named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Valentine and was established in 500AD and was to celebrate the love and affection between two intimate companions...a tad bit earlier than Hallmark I must say ;)
Obviously in 2011 we celebrate Valentines day as not only the love between two people but the love people have for a child or for a Grandparent or a friend.
We are lucky that people are becoming more understanding that love happens between all sorts of humans! and i think That Valentines is a perfect way to show someone you appreciate them, even if u are not in a committed intimate relationship with them!
I remember growing up, on Valentines Day, not only would my Mum get Flowers from my dad, but he would always buy me flowers as well, this was not just for Valentines day but for surprises 'just for'.......or maybe he was in the bad books with Mum and perhaps giving me flowers as well was a clever way of getting in the good books haha. Whatever the reason though, I always ALWAYS will remember how special it made me feel that my dad would think of me as well as my Mum and I hope I can be that type of parent with my children!
Now obviously I am a shop owner and would LOVE for you to come and get your cards from me, but I am also a huge believer that a gift made by hand is a gift from the heart, and I know you that you don't need to be ridiculous when it comes to Valentines gifts!
Whilst on my little 'research' journey on google images I found a few very wonderful idea's that you can make for your loved ones!
These beautiful heart garland was discovered on the amazing blog Dottie Angel and if u can sew a straight line then this will be simple!
Just cut out 3 different sizes of hearts and sew them in random orders of small small large, medium, large small etc etc and attach them to wall or above a window with coloured Washi Tape and enjoy :)

The cute little jars would be a wonderful gift that the kids could also help make!
Simply find some old Jars and using either coloured paper or even glass paint, colour each jar in pink and red and simply attached white fabric or paper cut into 'hearts' and 'x' and glue on!
U could use fairy lights in the top like the picture but i think just simple tea lights could work as well!
If u use tea lights don't leave them unattended and never let the kids light them ;)

So no matter who you love or even just like a lot, even if u don't want to spend squillions on extravagant gifts, be sure to take the opportunity to tell the people that are special in your life that you think they are rad!
We should try and do this with our friends and family each and ever day of coarse but if u don't, then make this Valentines day a special day to let them all know you think they are just swell ;) haha


  1. Great blog Jayde and what a lovely person you turned out to be, but we all knew that. Very informative bit of history as well. Love your guts. xoxoxoxo Mummy hahaha

  2. haha thanks Mum! I am lovley cos u made me lovely cos u are the lovliest human that has ever exsited on earth :)

  3. Haha, quite obviously, you are BOTH very lovely. Love your blog Jayde!

  4. super. That really helped me. Thnaks Emma