Saturday, June 26, 2010

I have a crush on you too!!!

I have been a fan of BlackBird Corner on facebook for a little while now and received a lovely message from them saying "they had a crush on Little Paper Lane", which was hilarious because that's how I was feeling about their unique shop!!! So now our shops get to be long distance lovers, due to the fact that this little minx of a shop is located in Newcastle! If you are ever in Newcastle or anywhere near, or even far far away!! I would say this shop which calls its home at 70 Darby St, Cooks Hill 2300, is worth the trip!! I will be making the drive in the near future, because I see the beautiful products which seem to only reside at BlackBird Corner will probably sell through very quickly, and I do not want to miss out, and I am pretty sure you wouldn't either!!!
Ohhhhhh WOW!!! Shop lust!
The little birdcage key rings are so lovely and the merchandising is delightful!!
I am totally loving the way everything is displayed and very in love with these sets of drawers!! I will be searching my guts out for similar drawers!! Pretty sure every man and his dog will also be keeping their eyes open for a treasure chest like this too!!!
Sweet collection of Lomo camera's that just happen to be my fav right now!!! Ohhhh I love all of them and looking at all these camera's makes me want to get the film developed that's straight from my Diana lomo camera, which i spy a few similar up in the top left corner!!! highly recommended!!! Its so wonderful to see such a great collection of different styles in one shop!! I will be visiting soon!Check out BlackBird Corner's Blog for more wonderful products and info about this one and only store of lustful products!!

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