Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Iggy's 3rd Birthday

My 3 year old is my world! I always want to spoil him, and when it comes to Birthday parties, there are no exceptions! I have just recently opened my beautiful little Paper Shop, and I have been flat out every single minute of everyday since I decided to take on this adventure at the start of this year. And when I decided to throw my lil man his birthday party at home, it was going to be a small simple "party pies and fairy bread" party with a few balloons and not much else! Then somehow a small party of 14 turned into 40 people! Of coarse there were all of only 5 kids and 35 adults most of who are my friends that I haven't been able to catch up with enough since the opening of Little Paper Lane, so being the long weekend it was a perfect excuse to see friends, celebrate the 3rd year of the most gorgeous child on earth, and a way to let loose after working my ass off for so long!!! And celebrate we did!!! The day before was a caotic day of making bunting out of beautiful MT Masking tape that I sell in the store, and wrapping jars with black n white Vandoros ribbon, as well as fluffing up Tissue paper poms that look absolutly amazing hung at all different levels! I am very fortunate to have a husband that knows how to deal with a retail shop, and he came into the shop to help me out whilst I got balloons filled with helium, masses of lollies, food to feed 40 hungry humans and ever other thing that needed to be done, that could only be done by me due to my slight OCD for all things decorative!
After a crazy day of running around and a whole night putting together chocolate crackles in black and white holders which Iggy the lil man of the moment actually helped me make, and helped to make a huge mess of rice bubbles on the floor, we were ready for bed at about 1:00am. We woke to a very crisp day that was cloudless and perfect for our own little VIP to have his party outside!!! Iggy was born the week that the Pasha Bulker was swept on shore 3 years ago and Sydney had the worst storms with roofs being blown off houses and so much flooding, so every year around his birthday it has been torrential rain and not ever dry enough for outside partying. This year was perfect! We celebrated in Black and White stripe with a dash of Purple and everyone loved and it Iggy had the most fun and ate so many yummy lollies and even though I was exhausted, I was so happy to spend time with friends and family and see my lil man smile and giggle and have a wonderful day!

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