Friday, July 9, 2010

Love in Leura

Sorry I haven't been around lately!! I have been flat out in the shop, which is wonderful ( and exhausting) and searching for wonderful products which has been massively successful and will soon have new and exciting things in store!! I will keep you updated obviously when these lovely products arrive at the door!!!

So today i was lucky enough to have a day off to spend with my family and take our 3 year old Iggy out to the zigzag railway because Thomas the Tank Engine was going to be there, and Iggy has a somewhat small obsession with that number 1 blue engine!!!
So after 4 hours in the car, because some flipping truck needed to break down right in the middle of the road works, which is double annoying, and being in the car with a cranky 3 year old and my father who I love with all my heart, but does not have a single patient bone in his body, so as u can imagine, we were all very happy to get out of the car, even with the 8degree temperature outside....yes 8 degree's Celsius!
So after fun times on Thomas and Iggy getting his lovely little face painted as a lion and lots of tears because we couldn't live in Annie(Thomas's carriage) we were back on the road and headed to Leura!
What a delight!!!
Before we even reached the beautiful town, we had decided to come back and hire a house for a weekend and see the sights!
As soon as I was past the little round about, I spotted what seemed like 'heaven'!!! Bright warm lights, and beautiful white furniture and LOTS of stationery!!!
Somebody was looking down on me(Pop) today because the town of Leura was busy busy, and yet a parking spot was right in the perfect spot, and due to my big black truck being a little on the large size, the spot was about 1 and a half the size of any spot in Sydney, annnnnd no one was behind me making me anxious about getting into the parking spot while I was reversing into it!! Iggy was asleep and woke just as I was getting out of the car and let me put him in his pram with Dogga his beloved and completely trashed stuffed dog and then sat very quietly the entire time i marvelled at the fine stationery that this little gem of a store had to offer!
Elizabeth Rosa is a mecca of some of the best stationery there is! I was completely in awe of the wonderful paper this place had! Products like Vera Wang stationery, and a fountain pen that was a smooth $3300! Apart from the higher end stationery, there was also many affordable and gorgeous products many of which are actually in my very own store!!! I spent a good half hour just looking through the large amount of products there was to offer! I would have been in there much longer, but we were all starving after not really wanting to eat the pleasant food down at the sheds on our Thomas adventure earlier, plus my dad is very proud of my own store and the smirk on his face made me think he may tell the many customers that they should head to Sydney to visit my store instead....which would be ok if we were maybe outside the store and the manager wasn't cleaning up behind me after i had spilled a stack of postcards on the floor from being too excited about finding a website of certain cards i had been searching for, for a long time, it was definitely time to go! We are going back soon anyway!!

So if u are as passionate about beautiful stationery as I am, and you need to get out of town, it so worth the drive to Leura. If u are coming from the Northern Beaches take the M2 to M7 to M4 and follow the signs to Katoomba! Leura is just before Katoomba! If you go that way and no trucks break down, whilst they are doing road works then it will take 2hrs from Leura to Newport! Its worth even being stuck in traffic for this delightful town!

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