Friday, July 30, 2010

Pretty New Cards

So today I ventured about an hour from my house to a suburb called Concord West. After driving around very frustrated with my old GPS that doesn't ever get upset when I scream at her for not being up to date with maps and seems to take me the very longest route possible, somehow i found 1 of 3 Station Streets in Concord...of coarse I found the 3rd one last!!! I arrived at Fred Hosking expecting to get a few little cards and be on my way in half an hour. But after having a look at the range they have of beautiful letterpressed greeting cards I was in the showroom for a while!! I am so taken with anything letterpress and would love to be talented enough to be a letterpress genius, but until that time I will just have find little cards like these for you all to enjoy!!! I have a stand full of cards in the shop right now, because I was lucky enough to drive away with all my product in the back of my truck and get it to the shop!! even though it took a whole day, it was totally worth it!!!


  1. OMG Vesna you need to see these cards they are so beautiful!!

  2. I love RubyVictoria stuff, but you should also check out Poppy Letterpress in Canberra ...

  3. Great cards! I love your store! I know I could just spend hours there getting my 'stationery fix'! A beautiful working environment!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  4. My best friend Kerrod recently went to your shop and he told me to check out your log. So excitedly, I did so-cause we both have a SERIOUS addiction to paper stuffs. Gosh, am I delighted to have found you!

    Your blog is not only adorable, and sweet, but the little things you find and post just make my small heart sing. I think you are truly magnificent and am so glad to begin my, erm, following journey with you, madam. :)
    I write a little diary blog about the ups and downs of teenage life, complete with daily inspiration of both the photographical and musical worlds. It's nothing too special, but I do love it, and it would actually just make my day ifyou could just stop by, and follow me if you like what you see!

    Happy Saturday!
    Much Love,
    Norah xx
    -Let's Run Away-

  5. i see my dear friend had already left a little message for you to admire and ponder. Well, yes. You DO have an amazing blog here my dear, it is just inspiring.

    I may have walked past your shop and glanced over a few incredible items that basically made me fall in love with what you have found over your adventures, and then you go and post it here on your blog which i may have a slight addiction to.

    And also, i just wanted to add that these cards are truly lovely. i wish i had some of them! :)
    Okay well i just thought i'd pop by and leave my blogging address here to like my dearest friend Norah did. Take a quick gander and if you enjoy or take some interest in what you see, please, it would be my hoour if you followed me.

    No regrets, just love.
    x kerrod
    --> jump through the misery