Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My heart wanders book signing at Little Paper Lane

We are so thrilled to be included in Pia's wonderful new book release and we so hope that you can make it in store to meet with Pia and have a chat about her journey at Little Paper Lane
If u are interested in purchasing a copy of the book please pre order by emailing me jayde@littlepaperlane.com.au we will also be giving away a lucky dip on the day to say Thank you for coming in to visit :)
If u would like to see more about Pia and her amazing books and life check out her website HERE she is such an inspiring person!


  1. I am so bummed that I wont be able to come along. I visited your store today and love it love it love it... and the Sweet n Pretty cookies were divine... they didn't even make it out of the car park!! lol
    Pia's book sound fantastic too!
    I will be in Fiji on a well needed break with my hubby and little man so won't be able to visit, but good luck with it all!
    See you again soon!

  2. FYI: Women in Business are showcasing Pia and her new book at the moment. Maybe you could go and give your book signing a plug??
    I tried to do it via facebook for you but couldn't work out how to tag you in on a post.

  3. PS - Would you like me to put the invite up in the sidebar of my blog? x

  4. Hi Maxabella, that would be lovely!! thank you so much! sorry i havent been on my blog for a while i was distracted in NYC hehe!! thanks you!