Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New York and Stationery

I am very excited, as i am off to New York City tomorrow morning!!! I have been lucky enough to see the bright lights of this fantastic city before, but, this time its not only a holiday, but also a hunting trip! I will be attending the National Stationery Show and couldn't be more excited! what could be better than NYC and Stationery? Plus i get to take my Mum who is the hardest working human on earth as a HUGE thank you for all she does at Little Paper Lane and my lovely little Iggy will be with us just to make it even more fun!
So in honour of NYC and Paper thought i would show u a few little amazing papery treats

These amazing little gems come from Daisy Lew which i found on the Behance network, which if u can ever have a browse through is a must!! I thought this was a perfect post to show you before i leave for the big Apple

Photos from Behance Network


  1. lucky u!! you should have a quick check of sibella courts page before you leave for all her great tips on new york, her book has just been released too, would be good reading on the plane. It's called a stylists guide to NYC. http://www.thesocietyinc.com.au/


  2. Ohhh Josette, i have been desperately trying to get my copies in of her book but they have not arrived! i will be looking through her page tonight for sure!! thank you so much :)

  3. Loved stopping by your shop the other day. Your partner had things totally under control. Love the cardboard frame I bought my son for his art. I'll stop by again soon. Hope you're having a wonderful time in the Big Apple. Pruxxx