Friday, May 27, 2011

National Stationery Show 2011 NYC

As most of you know, i headed to New York city recently to attend the National Stationery Show, or the NSS as us paper peeps like to call it ;). I somehow managed to book our apartment only 10 blocks from the Javits centre where it was being held, and on the first day was happy to walk even though it was raining, but walking in New York is the best way to see the amazing city it is! So after my 10 block walk in the rain, i was all of a sudden confronted by a huge line of people...GREAT...everyone was dressed like they were going to dinner and i thought it was a little strange that people would wear heels to a stationery trade fair, when the whole day all we do is walk around. Soon i started to see flowers and presents and kinda realised i was not in the right spot, despite the HUGE flashing sign saying Javits centre. I was clearly at the wrong entrance and thought that if i got past this very very very long line i would hit the right entrance. So i started to make my way past the people and worked out it was a Graduation day and these were the families waiting to get in. After nearly every single person in this line of at least 200 people stared at me(i was getting used to the looks, the entire city had been staring at me and my 3 yr old for the previous 3 days, i somehow stand out in NYC) i ended up at the bottom corner of the Javits centre nearing water. I looked left and i did not see an entrance. There was no way i was walking past those staring eyes again, its ok when a person checks the hair out every now and then but when a mass group of people do it, its a little daunting. So i walked the long lonely wall. it took me forever to walk around the entire centre and finally i had arrived at the entrance... if only i had gone left at the long line of people instead of right, the entrance was all of about 10 metres from them! I blame Tony and Guy and their awesome haircuts..So once i was in i stopped for a coffee because i seriously needed a sit down. I was going to get a quick email check in and give my back a little rest before the big day of walking around and then a lady sat at the table with me. Now she was lovely, but she was also a a full on talker, one of those people that you cant get a word in to excuse your self and clearly wasn't taking the hint that i really needed to get going. so after 40 minutes of trying my hardest to leave, she told ME " You have to go, I just have so much work to do"...damn why didn't i rudely butt in at minute 7 with that one, and off i went!
When i was in, i was on a mission. If u ever come to a trade fair with me you will see i turn into a sort of friendly robot! i am by nature polite so i always say no thank you and smile when being pushed by people to come look at their products, and i am quick, but when i spot something i like, it can sometimes take me a little longer to leave!
I really like to chat with the creator and find out a Little bit about the background of them and their creation. I think its really important for shop owners to know where their products come from. I mean the humans behind the products most importantly!
So after lots of chats with lovely people and looking through many many products i wanted to show u a little of what i found!
I will be getting new things soon, a few people called me last Monday to find out if the new products had arrived!?!? I only got back the Sunday, it does take a little longer than a day to get products from America :) so i promise we will have new things soon enough, but u will have to wait a minute or two!!
for now enjoy a little of what i saw!

Smock is starting to pop up a lot in Australia and although i don't stock them(yet!?!), i wanted to show u their papers! its such a lovely product range and their invites are just amazing. and so so many! i think they are truly leading the letterpress world in the States.

What a very cool product line Viva Greetings really is!

Sometimes simple things are often the most visually stimulating! I had to take a little pic of Paper Boat Studios display! how lovely is it!

If there is ever an ethical and wonderfully happy brand to check, make sure its Ecojot. When i was in New York 2 years ago, i actually bought a set of two Ecojot notebooks which i still have on my shelf and when Little Paper Lane was being thought up, Ecojot was on the top of my list of products to adorn my happy little shop! I have had them in the store since day 1 and will continue to, especially after seeing the new goodies on its way!! if u have a spare second also check out their Give program. With the sale of each 5x7", jumbo journal and all eco sketchbooks, we will donate a school workbook or pencil to a child in need. - BUY 1, GIVE 1. We are so happy to be able to contribute in supporting kids in developing countries and u can too! just come and buy a notebook :)

What a visually esthetic stand this was to find! What can i say?!? just rad...check out Spitfire

I was so very excited to see Yellow Owl Workshop because i have been stocking them from the day we opened at Little Paper Lane and although our friends at Telegram are the Australian distributors now, it was so wonderful to meet and be greated with a big warm hug and hello from my friend Evan who i had only met via email. Evan handles all the emaily stuff and when i first started getting their products in, he was always so very happy and helpful and made everything so easy, even though products needed to come across the seas. I always managed to get the products in about a week...which is amazing!! it was also awesome to see the new goodies we would be getting soon enough!!

One of the most pleasant and colour soothing stalls was from Gold Teeth Brooklyn. What a happy little stall to visit. I had had a little chat and browse through the cards earlier in the day and even Evan from Yellow Owl Workshop told me to go back and look again :) i think they were a crowd favourite and they were for sure some of my fav cards and i will be trying my hardest to have them hit our shores soon!

Throughout the whole show stalls would be adorned with wonderful paper works of art! These lovely Paper roses were made to showcase some of the papers on offer from Soho Paper

I would have to say that one of my very favourite products of the show was these adorable Tooth Fairy Mail bags from Wild Horse Press. They come with 5 little letterpressed envelopes that you use for when you loose a tooth.....I hope it doesnt take too long for these little babies to be here!

I was Lucky enough to meet with the one and only Ed Roth and got to have a little chat to him about his awesome stencils. We have the Stencil book instore, but watch this space as we are hoping to have a few of these stencil packs in store in the near future

I will be posting about 'The Paper Runway' that was put on by sponsors Kates Paperie. I was lucky enough to visit their Lafayette store...but more about that soon :)


  1. Ohh wowee this looks amazing!! If Yellow Owl workshop is interested I have some lovely new decorated and magnetic backed pegs! My Facebook page is Lou La La and can be accessed via my blog here:


  2. Jealous, seriously jealous! One day... Looks like you had an awesome time.

  3. my brain is having star bursts just reading your post so i can only imagine how it must have felt being there ... what fabulous finds ... and what a genius is toothfairy mail!! thanks for sharing

  4. Oh that is heaven on walls.... Love the Toothfairy Mail!!

  5. uummmmm, i love all of those things!! muchas thanks!! cannot wait to see them all in store and buy 1 of everything

  6. Wow! Looks like you had a rad time!
    If you need someone to come with you and look after Iggy next time, I'm your girl!