Friday, July 22, 2011

Competition Time.

Anyone feel like winning the very limited Hokey Croquis Fashion Sketchpad from us? The original Sketchpads are in hot demand as they have now changed to a new format, and these are the very last of this edition!
We have some for sale, and because of the hot Aussie dollar right now i am excited to be selling them for $29.95 now! They were $39.95. So if u don't win u can still grab your copy :) but hurry cos once these are gone...they are forever gone!

So basically what you need to do to enter is go to Memoirs of a gay guy blog and see what you have to do to enter!
HURRY competition closes in a week!


  1. I think that I mat die without one of these, but it's to late. :'(

  2. u can always buy one from us :) just email me