Friday, July 15, 2011

Easy Paper decorations

I have been unwell for quite some time now and very very over it! But the positive that has come from it all, is that i can trawl on Pinterest lots and find inspiration and fun things to create!
If u haven't been to Pinterest yet, its time you visited! its Just a visual feast!! So today is so rainy and i am starting to feel a bit better and feel like making something and came across some fun and easy things to make with paper!! I know this is the last weekend of holidays for some and now here in Sydney its cold and rainy, so some of these decorations may be a great way to keep not only the kiddies entertained but also make your house that bit more special! So the first is pretty straight forward
-cut out hearts from old magazines
-stick fishing wire on the back with double sided tape,
-attach a heart in the same size to the other side
-hang up
pretty simple
for those with golden sewing hands you could sew a few in a line!

photos from Fiskars Craft

So the next may be a little bit more adventurist, but the end result is quite beautiful!
i would try a much smaller version if this seems a little bit too over the top, and by changing the size of your paper lantern this is quite simple!
All you really need is
- a hot glue gun
-paper lantern
-coffee filters
You can have a look at Parlour Home where i found this paper puffy goodness for more info and pic's. Its pretty straight forward though. I love colour and i think experimenting with some water colours on the filters would look amazing as well. Even if you just brushed the ends of the filter with your chosen colour it could be quite beautiful! I will be trying this at some stage so will let you know how i go!!

So a party that i very much wished i was able to attend was the Pinterest meet up that was held at another Paper Boutique in LA called Urbanic Paper. unfortunately due to not have ridiculous amount of money to fly over on a private jet to the other side of the earth, i will have to make do with pictures from my very good friend the Internet :)
One thing i spotted was that they had made bunting from what looks like magazine pages!
quite simply all you would need to do to make would be
-cut triangles of equal sizes from old magazines
-sew them together if you can sew
-if u cant sew, punch a hole in the top corners and use twine to thread through!
-i would use jute as i like the rawness of it and i might even add random pages from old books or newspaper just to bring something a little different to the whole look!

You can buy this spoil n scissors from Little Paper Lane as well as the balls of brown string refills

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