Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cover your world in Washi...literally!

Holy shit balls this is awesome! So i am sure most of you follow the very lovely Hello Sandwich Blog and u have probably seen this today already, but i HAD to pop some pic's up just in case u haven't seen it!!
I actually first saw it onPoppyTalk which is another exceptionally awesome blog if you haven't read before, and every one's talking about Washi Tape for your walls! Sincol and MT have come together to create washi wall paper....and i want it all now!!
like i want to cover my car, my shop, my floors and furniture in it! Amazing!!

Photo's from Sincol


  1. Oh wow! I love the pink floral one especially!

  2. Cute.....will come see you next week as hubby is home so can come on a day you are actually there x

  3. That's gorgeous! Do you stock this in store? I'll pop in today or tomorrow :)

  4. ohhhh i so wish i could stock the wall paper!! we do stock the tape! its LUSH but much smaller than this! i am not tooo sure if this will hit our shores as the website is in Japanese and i can only count to 10 and say hello, thats as far as my Japanese language skills go!

    i should be in teh shop Monday, Tuesday Morning and Thursday and Sat next week as long as this sickness goes away! i have been sick for almost 4 weeks with this damn cough but have spesh medicine so i should be in for a hello :)